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SmartTranslate from Channel Group, Inc.

Improving your survey translation process to save time and money

SmartTranslate from Channel Group, Inc. is an innovative web based application that optimizes your entire survey translation process.  Significantly improve the speed and efficiency of your survey translation process by reducing the time and effort.

SmartTranslate will save you time and money when running your translation projects by allowing you to:

  • Upload survey files  from your survey system (over 20 supported)  and prepare for translation

  • Store translations in a database to be reused for future projects

  • Provide online access to the projects  so your translators can complete their work

  • Automate the checking and previewing process to insure quality review for each survey

The SmartTranslate process makes it easy to:

  • Identify both the source language and target language side-by-side, making review easy and efficient

  • Offer multi-language translations in a single file

  • Navigate easily between related items

  • Label items that may require editing

  • Avoid translating text multiple times, consolidating repeated texts

  • Keep tabs on each translation’s progress

SmartTranslate Process from Channel Group, Inc.

Managing survey translation is a time and money consuming task for many market research companies. The SmartTranslate process improves upon other translating methods by reducing the amount of time and money needed to complete tasks.

The traditional way:

The translator receives a Word document, translates it, and delivers the finished document back to the customer.

Problems with this method include:

  • Translating texts that don't require changes, and;
  • Market research companies being left to deal with quality checks on their own.

Working manually with survey files:

The scriptwriter finishes scripting and has a black out period while translation occurs. There are no instructions, but there are many internal fields that need to be identified. Once the file is delivered back from the translator, changes can be made.

This process is cumbersome and time consuming.

The SmartTranslate way:

Optimization of handling survey translations. There is no blackout period needed and there is a wide range of methods to identify internal parts and determine what is needed for translation. Productivity tools offered include:

  • Integrated translation database,
  • brand checks,
  • html settings, and
  • handling of changes from the survey author to the reviewer and client.

The following chart demonstrates the advantages in timing, and therefore cost, that SmartTranslates offers.

SmartTranslate Time Cost Diagram from Channel Group, Inc.

Contact us to learn more about our exclusive product SmartTranslate and how we can help you save time and money in your survey translation process.