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Survey Reporter

Quickly deliver insights to enable smarter decision-making

Reporter is a versatile reporting and visualization solution that enables you to gain the most value from customer feedback and survey research. Simple and intuitive to use, it is designed for information consumers and survey researchers who are interested in interactive reporting and determining key insights from survey data.

Reporter has features to help you:

Create insightful, interactive reports on survey data

  • Create interactive cross tabulations that reveal key patterns in survey data. Share them with internal or external clients who can use them to drill deeper into the underlying data.

  • Incorporate all data types – categorical, numeric, date and time, and text.

  • Filter findings at a report level or a table level and save filters for easy re-use.

  • Avoid scripting and manipulating data, and focus on delivering survey results that add value to your external or internal clients.

  • View variables prior to using them to ensure they will add value to your results.

Deliver insights across the enterprise

  • Control the delivery of results to specific individuals or groups to ensure people only get the data they need – or are allowed – to view.

  • Manage the level of interaction by protecting the type of access people have, e.g., to ensure only weighted data is used for report generation, or to allow some users to manipulate, edit or create new variables while others cannot.

  • Adhere to privacy and security regulations and manage security features singly or in combination.

  • Automate result creation and delivery with IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Survey Reporter Professional.

See survey results your way

  • Create new variables using existing ones and share your new variables with others.

  • Edit variables for flexibility to create the reports you need.

  • Turn numeric, date and text variables into categorical data directly through the interface, and easily create reports based on these variables.

  • Create filters that can be used time and time again to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Publish and present results that make an impact

  • Create and print visually compelling reports.

  • Highlight the most significant findings by hiding rows, columns or cells in your tables that are below specified values.

  • Print reports directly from the interface using company templates or logos.

  • Publish findings directly into Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint® for distribution across the organization.

  • Incorporate or build custom chart types for export to Microsoft Excel®.

Use in online or desktop environments

  • Work completely offline or leverage the collaborative nature of an online environment – the choice is yours.

  • Deploy results instantly across your organization.

  • Manage your results through the online interface to ensure that your data is always accurate and that people see the latest reports.

Obtain deeper insights through integration

  • Access many types of data to help you report on results from diverse sources, including data fromTriple-S™, Quancept™, Quanvert, Surveycraft™, IBM® SPSS® Statistics, ADODB-based databases and other data types.

  • Use IBM® SPSS® Statistics products to perform advanced analysis or IBM® SPSS® Modeler products for data and text mining. Integration is direct and easy.

Need help leveraging the power of IBM® SPSS® software? Let us help you with our analytical expertise and experience - contact us today.