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Phone Interviews

Get deep insights and broad representation from telephone interviews

Data Collection Phone Interviews makes it easy to conduct high-quality, cost-effective global research. It is designed to increase the productivity of actual or virtual call centers, helping to reduce the costs of phone surveys while boosting response rates and increasing scale.

Data Collection Phone Interviews includes these features:

Multi-modal interviewing

  • Allow respondents to start a survey on the phone and complete it later online to maximize respondent rates and save time.

  • Give respondents flexibility to choose their preferred method of contact – phone, the web, or face to face on paper or tablet PCs.

  • Manage all survey projects and data in one centralized environment – regardless of the mode.

Survey and interview management

  • Field and manage surveys from one location or from globally dispersed sites.

  • Control sample management and quota setting with powerful tools that can be customized to suit operational and project requirements.

  • View and manage quota targets in real time, through a web browser.

  • Assign activities, projects and records to supervisors, survey builders, interviewers, analysts and other users of the system, and co-ordinate their efforts to ensure efficiency.

  • Design questionnaires that include instructions and cues that are easy for interviewers to follow to deliver accurate survey results.

  • Get respondent phone numbers in seconds rather than minutes, increasing productivity.

Oversight and performance management

  • Monitor and record interviews to ensure quality transactions and create an audit trail to assist in staff training and management quality audits.

  • Create customized reports of statistics about interviewers’ performance and sample quality.

  • Use analytical management report templates to provide an overview across all projects or at the detailed individual project level.

Customizable, scalable and secure installation

  • An open architecture enables you to customize features to meet different standards and protocols—for example, to control how many times a telephone number should be called, or the call-again delay for busy calls.

  • Make changes in real time without bringing operations to a halt to modify interview scripts or dialing parameters.

  • Implement in a clustered server environment that provides enhanced security, scalability, load-balancing and fault-tolerance.

  • Choose from flexible configuration options ranging from a physical call center to a highly decentralized global operation.

Analysis and reporting

  • View frequency and crosstab statistics, summary tables, lists of verbatim responses and percentages in real time through a web browser.

  • Analyze open-ended responses using IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys.

  • Export data to external databases or to Quantum, Quanvert, IBM® SPSS® Statistics, IBM® SPSS® Modeler, or third-party applications for additional analysis, graphing and modeling.

  • Develop more complex reports using Data Collection Survey Reporter.

Predictive dialing

  • Integrate with third-party predictive and group dialers from Marketing Systems Group PRO-T-S, Sytel, and InVADE.

  • Auto-detect call outcomes, minimizing the time lost to unsuccessful calls.

  • Program the responses to each possible call outcome according to campaign-specific or global rules.

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards, professional codes and legal requirements.

  • Hand off respondents to an integrated voice response (IVR) system.

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