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Data Entry Bundle

A modern approach to entering survey data

SPSS Data Collection Data Entry helps you create surveys and capture survey responses accurately and efficiently. It combines the capabilities of two products, Data Collection Author and Data Collection Interviewer, to minimize errors and improve the productivity of survey research.

SPSS Data Collection Data Entry includes capabilities to help you:

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of survey research

  • Capture data quickly and accurately so you can start analysis sooner and find insights faster.

  • Improve researchers’ productivity while safeguarding information quality.

  • Minimize the risk of errors that can skew results.

  • Simplify survey creation and the capture of survey responses.

Create surveys with SPSS Data Collection Author

  • Create compelling, visually appealing surveys that participants will want to complete.

  • Include survey logic that makes data capture operations quicker, easier and more accurate.

  • Create customized libraries of questions or whole questionnaires that can be shared across organizations to ensure consistency and to reduce duplication of work.

  • Use single and multiple response questions, as well as matrices and grids.

  • Preview and test surveys before they are launched.

Capture responses with SPSS Data Collection Interviewer

  • Enter data quickly and accurately with a configurable, keyboard-driven data entry interface.

  • Batch surveys to enable many operators to key data for a single project, or to speed data entry for large projects.

  • Present surveys to respondents in the field using multimedia and graphics to capture data electronically – even where Internet access is not available.

  • Gain visibility into data entry through validation verification, including double keying.

  • Save data ready for analysis as an SPSS Data Collection Data File or an IBM SPSS Statistics data file.

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