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Channel Group Add-ons for SPSS Data Collection (UNICOM Intelligence)

Unicom Intelligence (SPSS Data Collection/Dimensions) is one of the best survey systems on the market. The system is very complex in parts and this is where our proprietary Add-Ons come into play. They allow you to make the most of Intelligence/Data Collection/Dimensions and design your surveys according to the motto "Everything is possible".


2x4 Backup & Replication

The system architecture of Intelligence/Data Collection makes it difficult to backup data and migrate (replicate) projects onto other ISA server installations.

The 2x4 Backup & Replication tool creates a zip file for each project that can be stored in the system’s internal network, and these files can also be migrated to other existing Intelligence/Data Collection systems, such as a standby server.

With the classic method of complete server backup, only a technical defect of the server is targeted. With 2x4 Backup & Replication if there are problems with individual projects (e.g. a user accidentally deletes a project), 2x4 Backup & Replication can help quickly and easily.

The tool is also suitable for migrating from one server to another, even if a different version of Unicom Data Collection is used. The 2x4 Backup & Replication add-on makes it possible to export all project information from an existing Intelligence/Data Collection Server, including .mdd files, project database and sample tables, DPM information, quotes, email jobs, and more.

2x4 Respondent Report

Survey respondents often want an instant summary of their survey after they complete it. The 2x4 Respondent Report tool enables respondents who finish a survey to either download a PDF version of their report instantly or have it sent to their email of choice.

The 2x4 Respondent Report add-on uses a Microsoft Word-based layout template, making it easy for you to adapt reports to project requirements. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to set your own limitations so that respondents only have access to questions they answered and never off-path questions.

2x4 Respondent Uploader

Surveys often ask respondents to upload a file or picture to a survey server. Unfortunately, this is not possible through the Intelligence/Data Collection design. The 2x4 Respondent Uploader fixes this problem by allowing respondents to upload pictures, PDF documents, and other files to their surveys.

The tool stores data from the server’s file system in its own internal structure, making it easy for you to assign the uploads to individual questions and respondents. The module’s .mdd file creates parameters around what files can be uploaded, accounting for file types, amount, and more. This easy-to-use tool also allows project managers to view all their files in a web overview.

2x4 mdd2pdf

The 2x4 mdd2pdf lets you upload your .mdd files to our server and receive a PDF or Word export via download, all free of charge. You can customize your download, choosing whether to export all questions or only those used in the current routing.

The download customization and sharing system makes it easy for you to print out paper surveys and enter their results in the web interview, and to coordinate with the survey’s end customers. Further settings are also available to further customize surveys.

2x4 Survey Reporter Wizards

Without a suitable wizard tool, it can take hours or days to enter manual definition into a report. The 2x4 Survey Reporter Wizard handles various data transformations for you,

Wizards can be used in the Unicom Reporter to relieve you of various data transformations. We offer our existing wizards and are also capable of customizing them to be the best fit for your individual business.

The Summary Table Wizard offers tables in a certain format that can be created as summary tables with just a few mouse clicks. By specifying tables with the user defaults and new built-in logic, users are now able to create the exact tables they want.

2x4 Auto-Export

The 2x4 Auto-Export tool exports project data in predefined time intervals and generates topline reports. This allows you to automatically send emails with the desired content to people who need access to current project information.

As soon as the tool is installed on the Application Server, users can configure their projects within ISA with a simple text file.


2x4 CATI Monitoring Notification

In CATI projects, it is often necessary to monitor individual interviewers from a distance and listen to current interviews. Unicom Interview CATI already has this requirement.

New with our 2x4 Cati Monitoring Notification add-on is the ability to perform ongoing monitoring on the interviewer’s screen, which is required by law in some countries. This notification can also be deliberately suppressed by the supervisor if needed.

2x4 CATI Blacklist

In almost all countries, consumers have the right to subscribe to so-called Robinson lists, which are opt-out lists of people who do not wish to receive direct mail marketing or telemarketing. All telephone numbers in these lists are not to be contacted by market researchers.

Technically, this task is not easy to solve, since every telephone number must be checked shortly before dialing. The 2x4 CATI Blacklist add-on offers a high-performance solution that can manage millions of numbers in the Robinson list, removing the hassle of manually checking contact information. Additionally, CATI agents can add the currently called person to the Robinson list at the push of a button.

2x4 Mail Control

UNICOM Intelligence/Data Collection allows you to conveniently send emails to participant lists.

The 2x4 Mail Control add-on enables senders to choose between email servers, making it an ideal tool if you serve multiple customers with their own email servers.

The add-on allows you to specify a sender’s specific mail address; choose which mail server to use; define criteria for mail server usage; limit the number of emails per day per server or define operation hours; and use mail servers with authentication.

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Excel to MDD Utility from Channel Group, Inc.

A tool that enables you to easily and rapidly code SPSS Data collection (UNICOM Intelligence) Surveys.