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SPSS Data Collection (now Unicom Intelligence)

Survey and market researchers worldwide use SPSS Data Collection (now Unicom Intelligence) products to achieve deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions so that this valuable insight can be included in decision-making processes.

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IBM SPSS Data Collection (now UNICOM Intelligence )

Survey and market researchers worldwide use UNICOM Intelligence (formerly known as SPSS Data Collection) products to achieve deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions so that this valuable insight can be included in decision-making processes.

The software enables all aspects of the creation, collection and reporting on your survey projects.


Create compelling, visually appealing surveys that participants will want to complete

SPSS Data Collection Author, with its intuitive interface and intelligent wizards, makes it easy to create simple or complex surveys. It enables marketers and survey professionals to incorporate routings and logic that encourage respondents to complete the survey. A survey created with SPSS Data Collection Author can be deployed in any mode and in any language.

Data Collection Web Interviews

Conduct web interviews quickly and efficiently

Unicom Intelligence Data Collection Web Interviews provides a complete set of tools for conducting low-cost web surveys quickly and efficiently. With this versatile software, you can capture the attention of potential respondents and provide the options they prefer to ensure that they complete your survey accurately.

Data Entry Bundle

A modern approach to entering survey data

Data Collection Data Entry helps you create surveys and capture survey responses accurately and efficiently. It combines the capabilities of two products, Author and Interviewer, to minimize errors and improve the productivity of survey research.

Data Model

Full support for the survey research lifecycle

The SPSS Data Collection Data Model supports the survey research lifecycle from authoring through data collection and reporting. It provides resources, methodologies and technical guidance to help you manage and customize your survey research projects.

Interviewer Desktop

A modern approach to conducting in-person survey interviews

Data Collection Interviewer Desktop lets you augment your online or phone-based research with face-to-face interviews. It helps you conduct in-person interviews through mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, and then captures and centrally manages the results with or without an internet connection.


Produce appealing paper surveys easily every time

Data Collection Paper is a comprehensive solution for formatting paper questionnaires for scanning and keyboard data entry. It enables you to quickly create, format and edit professional-looking paper questionnaires within Microsoft® Word. Create designs for both keyboard-based data entry systems and scanning-based systems, and use them across multi-ple projects with minimal editing.

Phone Interviews

Get deep insights and broad representation from telephone interviews

Data Collection Phone Interviews makes it easy to conduct high-quality, cost-effective global research. It is designed to increase the productivity of actual or virtual call centers, helping to reduce the costs of phone surveys while boosting response rates and increasing scale.


An integrated development environment for scripting automated survey processes

Data Collection Professional is a complete set of tools that supports the building of automated survey research processes. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to create, edit, run and debug IBM® SPSS® Data Collection scripts. In addition, Data Collection Professional also allows you to create scripts that perform various data management tasks.

Remote Administration

Efficiently manage offline interviews and track data

Data Collection Remote Administration works with Interviewer Desktop to help you manage your offline interviewers and projects and track data synchronization. The powerful Data Collection Interviewer Server security model ensures that your interviewers get the right projects and you get the most current data.

Survey Reporter

Quickly deliver insights to enable smarter decision-making

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter (Survey Reporter) is a versatile reporting and visualization solution that enables you to gain the most value from customer feedback and survey research. Simple and intuitive to use, it is designed for information consumers and survey researchers who are interested in interactive reporting and determining key insights from survey data.

Survey Reporter Developer Kit

Automate processes to deliver timely information

The Data Collection Survey Reporter Developer Kit increases your organization’s efficiency by running scripting and data management tasks on a server. With this solution, you can automate data manipulation and report creation so that data collected this morning can be available to managers and executives in time for an afternoon conference.

Survey Reporter Publisher

Publish and share professional, interactive reports in an online environment

With Data Collection Survey Reporter Publisher, you can publish interactive reports easily and share them with other stakeholders who need to view the results in an online environment. This solution is designed for survey researchers and their information consumers. You can use role-based access to ensure that key reports and data files are protected.