Channel Group Inc Products

At Channel Group, Inc., we understand what it takes to be successful in using data to inform decisions and make an organization succeed.   We have taken our 30 years of experience working with hundreds of customers across the globe to create unique, complementary products to help you on the road to success.

2x4 Backup & Replication from Channel Group, Inc.

Backup utility for your IBM SPSS Data Collection (UNICOM Intelligence) projects

Unfortunately, SPSS Data Collection/UNICOM Intelligence does not offer exports or backups of individual projects. While a full backup and restore can be created with generic backup software, the export of individual projects is not an easy task.

2×4 Backup & Replication helps in all these situations. It allows the export of individual projects with all needed folders, files, databases, tables, security information and DPM properties.

Dynamic Surveys from Channel Group, Inc.

Increase your chances at getting a complete set of survey responses

Studies have shown that boring surveys contribute to respondents dropping out—making it hard to achieve the necessary quotas.

With Dynamic Surveys from Channel Group, Inc., there is no such thing as a “boring survey.”

Excel to MDD Utility from Channel Group, Inc.

A tool that enables you to easily and rapidly code SPSS Data collection (UNICOM Intelligence) Surveys. 

Quantum2Excel Utility from Channel Group, Inc.

Create attractive Excel tables from Quantum in a few clicks

You have all these Quantum created .csv files to import into Excel and turn into presentation-ready tables to be shared with management.  You could be looking at a time-consuming, painstaking and tedious process.  

Qt2Excel from Channel Group, Inc. is the application for you.  

SmartTranslate from Channel Group, Inc.

Improving your survey translation process to save time and money

SmartTranslate from Channel Group, Inc. is an innovative web based application that optimizes your entire survey translation process.  Significantly improve the speed and efficiency of your survey translation process by reducing the time and effort.

SurveyTester from Channel Group, Inc.

Reduce time and trouble to create surveys with a better testing process

Testing surveys is a time-consuming and imperfect process.  Poor communication between testers and survey authors often results in the loss of valuable information about test runs, browsers, and operating systems.

Test, email, fix, email, re-test, email…

Are you tired of running in circles to test your surveys?