Help with Your Big Data or Small Samples

Today, with the speed of business information driven by electronic transactions and interactions among organizations and people, data is being created at an exponential rate every moment.   As a data analyst, data scientist, market researcher or statistician, you are the person trying to extract relevant data points and analyze it for actionable information.  You were hired for your analytical capabilities not necessarily your “programming” skills - you need help.

IBM® SPSS® Modeler creates predictive models for big data without programming.

You can build predictive models quickly and intuitively from your big data set.  It enables the creation of predictive models that your organization can use proactively and repeatedly to reduce costs and increase productivity.  

What if you have the opposite issue – the nature of your work limits you to a relatively small set of data points?  Whether you are researcher working with a finite number of subjects or an analyst looking at rare occurrences within a large data set, you need accurate answers from your data.  IBM® SPSS® Exact Tests can provide you with what you need to extract information with confidence.

Whether you have “big data” or small samples, there may be other techniques and tools that can help you better leverage your valuable data assets.  Contact us to discuss your specific situation.