No Two Organizations Are Alike.

“One organization is much like another” – you may have heard that before from someone trying to sell you their “standard enterprise analytical solution”.  

We strongly disagree.  

Over our 30+ years working with clients across the globe to effectively use their data to drive decisions, Channel Group, Inc. has found that each is unique.   No two insurance companies or hospitals or universities or retailers or manufacturers or government agencies – or any two of the same “type” of organization - have exactly the same challenges.  Each one will be influenced and constrained by differences in clients, geography, finances, technology, regulations, access to analytical talent and other marketplace factors.

You are unique.  So is the combination of software and training we will recommend for you:  

  • Analytical skill enhancement

  • IBM® SPSS® Statistics training

  • Predictive Analytics, data mining and modeling

  • Reducing time to results with analysis

  • Designing process to drive results quickly

We will focus on listening to understand what makes your organization special, in conjunction with our knowledge and experience, in order to create a custom training and services approach.    Leveraging the power of IBM® SPSS® and Channel Group, Inc.’s software products, we will design a complete and specific combination of products and services just for you.

So let’s discuss your organization’s needs.  

We look forward to learning about you.