Unique Solutions

At Channel Group, Inc., we understand what it takes to be successful in using data to inform decisions and make an organization succeed. We have taken our 30 years of experience working with hundreds of customers across the globe to create unique, complementary products to help you on the road to success.

The products are designed to help you better create surveys, specifically:

  • Improve and institute a process for authoring and testing of new surveys - saving your team precious time while providing you with documentation and insight into the testing. Learn more about SurveyTester
  • Enable your globalization efforts with a system to optimize your survey translation process – capturing translations and storing for easy access in the future - saving you time and money translating surveys. Learn more about SmartTranslate
  • Optimize your opportunity to have respondents complete your survey - and do it accurately - by creating interesting, visually-oriented surveys. Learn more about Dynamic Surveys

We also have two utility types of products that can save you time and energy when working on your IBM® SPSS® projects:

  • Converting files from Quantum to Excel with only a few clicks, reducing the time and eliminating the tediously repetitive manual work needed to create attractive and useful worksheets. Learn more about Quantum to Excel Utility
  • Backing up individual projects from your desktop - without having to rely on full back-ups of your server – and insuring you can move and protect the entire project set of files at any time. Learn more about IBM® SPSS® Data Collection Server Backup Utility

Can we help you better leverage your IBM® SPSS® software investment and improve your organization's success with analytics with one of our unique products, custom training or consulting?