What We Do

You need to effectively measure and manage your organization based on the facts, regardless of the type of organization you are:

  • Government – local, regional or national

  • Healthcare – hospital, clinic or research facility

  • Academic – university or college

  • Commercial – from the largest to smallest business

  • NGO – nonprofit or non-governmental organization

We help you do that. How?  

By providing you with an array of the best analytical solutions available - including both IBM® SPSS® software and our own unique products - and custom training and consulting to get the most out of your software investment. You can then use your data to inform your decisions and answer the important questions for your organization:

  • Who are my best customers – and where do I find more like them?

  • Where is there risk of fraud – and how do I minimize it?

  • What is the most effective course of treatment?

  • What is the most likely outcome of this course of action?

  • Which approach will bring me the highest return on my investment?

We can provide you with the right tools and techniques to collect data with surveys – whether online or in person; or, get answers out of the data you have stored in your other sources.  This could include your CRM (customer relationship management) system; practice management or health information system; financial or ERP (enterprise resource planning) software; or other database which contains the potential to help you answer your questions.

So whatever you are trying to measure - customer attitudes; operational functions and processes' effectiveness; results of a service program or sales and marketing campaign; outcomes from a care protocol or research study; predicting future attitudes or results - we can help you identify the right combination of products and training to address your specific needs.  Start today to answer those questions important to your organization with the best analytical products and training from Channel Group, Inc.