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SurveyTester from Channel Group, Inc.

Reduce time and trouble to create surveys with a better testing process from SurveyTester by Channel Group, Inc.

Testing surveys is a time-consuming and imperfect process. Poor communication between testers and survey authors often results in the loss of valuable information about test runs, browsers and operating systems.

Test, email, fix, email, re-test, email . . .

Are you tired of running in circles to test your surveys?

SurveyTester initiates process orientated testing scenarios - making it easy for testers, survey authors, and other stakeholders to address problems within a survey and retest the survey.

SurveyTester automatically creates and stores screenshots locally for survey authors to retrieve later, ensuring that they're never lost. Test runs can be exported and viewed separately or together by adding a visual workflow diagram. Each test run is stored in the database, making it easy to see all the necessary steps to replicate a problem.

No wasted time - and problems can easily be located for resolution.

SurveyTester eliminates the seemingly endless series of meetings, the countless emails and the duplicate workload of survey testing, by moving from handwritten notes and email to a more efficient web-based environment.

Once a reviewer finds a problem, from a simple spelling error to a serious routing error, they enter the problem description into SurveyTester. Other reviewers and the programmer are alerted to problems as soon as they are discovered, so reviewers don't re-submit problems and the programmer can begin fixing the problems immediately.

No searching old email strings to find the problem. With SurveyTester, it's simple! SurveyTester stores collected data in an SQL database for easy retrieval and analysis. You can see how many of the changes were due to:

  • the client changing their mind;
  • insufficient notes or explanations in the survey document; and,
  • actual coding errors.

SurveyTester users found that by analyzing the types of changes needed on their surveys, they were able to pinpoint issues in their scripting process. Plus, the information regarding client change requests provides solid evidence for requesting additional remuneration from the client.

A step by step example of SurveyTester in action:

To test a Web-based survey, the user clicks the "Test Survey" menu option. This opens a new Internet Explorer window containing a floating data entry window. The Browser frame contains the actual survey as the respondent would see it during the interview.

As the tester proceeds through the survey, they note any errors they find by entering the issue description in the data collection section.

Reviewers may enter multiple issues per question. This allows the accurate tracking of each and every issue as a separate item.

The "Issues" dialog window displays all of the known/reported issues with a specific page of the survey.

Image 006
The "Page Number" is automatically determined. "Issue Priority, Description" and "Issue Type" fields were entered by the reviewer.

If a team of scripters is reviewing each other's work. SurveyTester lets them suggest corrections and track changes to a survey as it is being written, long before the testers or client ever see it.

Programmers can then review each item, fix the underlying code and indicate a question is ready for Re-test. And then when the fix is confirmed, indicate that item is Closed.

Image 008
The Auto Answer feature allows you to complete complex grid questions with the single click of a button.

Image 009Image 010


SurveyTester from Channel Group, Inc. provides you with a simple solution to a complicated process.

Contact us to learn more about our exclusive product SurveyTester and how we can help you reduce time and challenges in testing your surveys.