2x4 Backup & Replication from Channel Group, Inc.

Backup utility for your IBM SPSS Data Collection (UNICOM Intelligence) projects

Unfortunately, IBM SPSS Data Collection (UNICOM Intelligence) does not offer exports or backups of individual projects. While a full backup and restore can be created with generic backup software, the export of individual projects is not an easy task. There are multiple folders, files, databases, tables and hundreds of central stored properties which need to be considered for a backup and a restore.

Whenever projects are finished, they still need space and memory on the servers. Many administrators avoid deleting projects because of the lack of archiving and restoring possibilities. Another frequent need is moving running projects from one server to another server, e.g. a server with more RAM, disk space, a newer version of the software or just in a different network segment.

2×4 Backup & Replication helps in all these situations. It allows the export of individual projects with all needed folders, files, databases, tables, security information and DPM properties. Each project is stored in a secured file and can be restored on the same server or on a different environment with different storage settings. 2×4 Backup & Replication changes all needed properties in the new environment, so that a seamless continuation of work is possible.

The desktop based application is the ideal tool for all server administrators. It can connect to all of your servers from your local PC and you can work in a centralized environment. Different server versions are supported within the same environment, allowing you to backup:

  • the project-related files (including all user files)

  • the Survey Database and the Sample / Participant Database Table

  • all related Database Tables used for the CATI history

  • all Project related settings (e.g. survey properties, CATI settings, Email definitions, et al)

You can also:

  • Encrypt backups with a password

  • Restore on the same server or on a different server (also with different Data Collection Version)

  • Create backups with command line parameters (e.g. for Automation)

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