Quantum2Excel Utility from Channel Group, Inc.

Create attractive Excel tables from Quantum in a few clicks

You have just been given Quantum created .csv files to import into Excel and turn into presentation-ready tables to be shared with management.  You could be looking at a time-consuming, painstaking and tedious process.  

Or you coud use Qt2Excel to reduce the process to a few clicks and convert hundreds of Quantum .csv files to beautifully formatted Excel workbooks.

How does it work?  You simply:

  • Load your Quantum .csv (default) output file into Qt2Excel & click a few choices:


  • Your results are now in an Excel file with a table of contents and up to 500 properly formatted tables:


  • Q2Excel can also automatically bold and color highlight cells with significant differences – and add a customer’s logo to every table:

Image 665.png 1600900

Are you ready to save time? Contact us to learn more about Qt2Excel utility and other unique products available exclusively from Channel Group, Inc.