Your analytical skills gap – what you know vs. what you need to know

As your organization relies more on collecting and using data to drive decisions, it can quickly become apparent that you need help. Unfortunately, you aren't the only one who needs help. As the market demand for statisticians, data scientists and analysts continues to grow, there may not be enough talent available for you where and when you need them. And, if you do find someone with the right skills, that person may be out of your price range.  You need to find an alternative approach.

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Reducing Survey Errors with a Smile

We have all been there! 

You ask someone to fill out a customer satisfaction questionnaire with options that range from one (“Extremely Satisfied”) to five (“Extremely Unsatisfied”).  When you get the results, you see that the customer gave you all 5’s!  Being the customer-oriented manager you are, you contact that person to see if you can rectify the problems and improve their impression of your service.  And, what does the customer say?  “Oh, it was a little hard to tell how to read the answer choices, so I thought giving you more points was a good thing!  You did a great job!”  

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What is “Big Data” and what does it mean for me?

You keep hearing the term "big data" and how it is this new and important thing to every business. Is that true? And more importantly, is it true for you? Hmm--maybe – and maybe not. 

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