SPSS Statistics Version 25

Stronger integration with third-party applications

In SPSS Statistics V25, you get a redesigned experience when exporting charts to Microsoft Office. With this release, you can copy charts as Microsoft Graphic Objects, which enables you to:

·         Copy Chartbuilder output as Microsoft Graphic Objects

·         Manipulate charts as if created in Microsoft Office

·         Apply Microsoft Office chart templates

·         Maintain the ability to paste as pictures

·         You will also have an added ability to copy and paste data with variable names and labels.

Enhanced productivity

SPSS V25 enables you to build more attractive, modern-looking charts with an improved Chartbuilder. With the new Chartbuilder, you will be able to:

·         Display a more accurate preview and allow faster modifications without leaving the Chartbuilder

·         Automatically generate chart titles, and you can specify custom titles without editing

·         Generate a scatter plot with a regression line using new templates

·         Easily specify custom colors and apply templates right in the Chartbuilder

·         Copy charts as either pictures or Microsoft Object Graphic format


With SPSS Statistics V25, there are enhancements to the SPSS Statistics data and syntax editor. New syntax editor improvements can benefit some power users by helping to make writing syntax faster with greater flexibility for editing, cleaning, and managing large syntax files. Some of the new features are:


·         New shortcut keys to speed writing and editing syntax

·         Column mode editing

·         One-click trim of leading, trailing, and empty spaces

·         Large file mode


Additional productivity enhancements include:


Data Editor copy/paste enhancements

·         Added ability to copy data with variable names or labels

·         Added ability to paste data with variable labels

Accessibility advancements for the visually impaired

Updated Merge user interface

·         New simplified Add Variables dialog

Simplified toolbars

Removed toolbar buttons by default that were infrequently used

·         Added buttons to go to active syntax window, go to active output viewer window

·         Added toolbar button to customize the toolbar


Analyze data with new and advanced statistics

In SPSS Statistics V25, you get to analyze data with some new features within advanced statistics like:

GENLINMIXED now provides:

·         Random effects solution results (EBLUPs)

·         Continuous time spatial covariance structures

GLM/UNIANOVA now provides:

·         Profile plots with error bars, bar and line charts, and an option to include grand mean option to force charts to include 0 on the y-axis

·         New tests for heteroskedasticity, including White's test

·         Robust standard errors

·         Modified versions of Levene's test


SPSS Statistics V25 also supports Bayesian Statistics, which includes both new syntax and GUI elements that are as easy to run as traditional p-value statistics. Some of the features available within Bayesian Statistics include:

·         One Sample and Pair Sample T-tests

·         Binomial Proportion tests

·         Poisson Distribution Analysis

·         Independent Samples T-tests

·         Pairwise Correlation

·         Simple and Multiple Linear Regression

·         Analysis of variance (ANOVA)


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