What is “Big Data” and what does it mean for me?

Today, many transactions between people and organizations are accomplished electronically. Whether it is buying music from iTunes, coffee from Amazon or auto-paying your mobile phone bill, the opportunities for collecting data have increased greatly. In the "business-to-business" world, the processes between organizations have created inherently large data sets as every interaction and transaction are tracked and documented. With little effort, it is possible for an organization to accumulate tremendous collections of data.

Is this you? If your organization collects and stores large amounts of data, there are many ways to put it to use providing answers for you--if you know the right questions and techniques for extracting what is important from the background noise. This can be daunting as your data grows exponentially every day. "More" isn't always better as you have to make decisions about what and how you are going to get answers out of it.

But not everyone has the same challenge. What if you have the opposite of the "big data" problem – the nature of your data is that it is always a small set? This is typical in health care research where you have a limited number of patients or subjects available for a study. How do you answer wider questions with such a small number of data points?

The answer is actually the same: apply the appropriate analytical tools, techniques and expertise. What differs are the specific combinations used in each situation. More importantly, what fits the needs of YOUR organization.

Since there is no "one size fits all" answer, let your team here at Channel Group, Inc. help you craft a combination of IBM® SPSS® products paired with our unique solutions and services that will address what you need. No more – and no less. Call us today to discuss your organization's needs.




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