Reducing Survey Errors with a Smile

Now what?  The good news is that the customer is happy.  The bad news is that survey data you collected is misleading—and just plain wrong.  You have to determine what to do with it.  Do you keep it in your analysis or not?  And does this mean that other customers are making the same mistake on your other surveys? 

There is a better way!  In this visually oriented world, making it easier for people to choose an answer could be as simple as a smile—or a “smiley face”—to show they liked your service.

Channel Group, Inc. has created “Dynamic Surveys” – online survey templates for use with your IBM® SPSS® Data Collection tools.  Instead of confusing numerical or word driven choices on a survey, use images as choices.  And we all know people get bored while taking surveys, resulting in some percentage of the survey takers dropping out, leaving you with unusable data.  No such thing as a boring questionnaire with Dynamic Survey Templates.  

Your customers are happy with both the service – and the visually fun survey where you ask them about it! 

Learn more and see examples in action here.




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