Your analytical skills gap – what you know vs. what you need to know

Instead of trying to hire that one, expensive “analytical expert” as a staff member – a single human being who will still need to take time off occasionally – why not enhance and augment the skills of your current team?    There are probably individuals already on your team who understand your data because they work with the database or surveys on a daily basis.  With some specialized training and by leveraging the capabilities of the right analytical tools, you can create in-house experts to get results for your managers.  Additionally, to make evidence-based decisions, your management team also needs a certain level and type of expertise to be effective.  Interpreting the results and integrating them into your decision making - while effectively communicating your reasoning to stakeholders – can improve your bottom-line. 

Where do you start to narrow the gap in-house?  

You will need to begin by evaluating your team’s current knowledge and their expertise with your predictive analytic or statistical software, in light of your specific analytical needs.  From there, you create a plan and put it into action.

Need help putting it all together?  Call us.  We can collaborate with you to design and implement a custom approach for success.



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